True Media TV Picks – The Fall Season

“Person of Interest” has quickly become my favorite new show from the lineup this fall. My interest was piqued after watching the preview ( and I’m happy to report that the show has not disappointed. This show is fresh and timely, and the episodes end in vindication for the innocent.

Topics such as 9/11, Wall Street, and the feelings of our returning soldiers are openly discussed in a way that makes me feel patriotic just watching it. It is a story of a machine that was invented to protect our country from further terrorism – and with the help of Mr. Reese, it is now protecting everyday citizens as well. With surprising twists and glimpses into Mr. Reese’s former life sprinkled throughout the show it quickly shot to the top of my TV viewing list.

I really like this show but the numbers show it’s slipping a little every week since it’s debut. Even though the great cast pairing of Michael Emerson and Jim Caveizel has made this one of the season’s most popular new shows it may be a little too procedural to sustain long term viewership if it doesn’t stay interesting and topical. I however, am still hooked. It’s the perfect fit for the CBS lineup and if it can overcome what so many shows fall victim to (the cool new plot device used every week most certainly can become tedious and formulaic if not followed up with fresh ideas after a couple seasons) then it should be around all the time.

As an interactive marketer this show intrigues me. I see lots of ways that technology finds us, identifies us and uses our information (ethically of course), in order to deliver relevant messages and content to us all. Technology tools such as auto tagging, facial recognition and re-targeting (among many others) show us that this technology is absolutely something that could exist. I’m not saying I think Big Brother is watching me, waiting for my number to come up, but the concept of this show interests me.

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Elizabeth is an Interactive Media Buyer for True Media. She graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism with a degree in Strategic Communication. She enjoys the constant challenge of online advertising and strives to offer the best customer service possible. With a background in managing aggressive direct response display campaigns, she understands the importance of staying one step ahead of her campaigns at all times. She also enjoys keeping up-to-date with all the latest interactive technologies available – and using them to create the best possible campaigns for her clients.
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