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New Facebook Graph Search is Here. Six things to know about Zuck’s “3rd Pillar of Facebook”

The much hyped announcement on January 15 from Facebook was all about re-vamping its currently lackluster search feature. Facebook Graph Search is being touted by some as “its greatest innovation” and others as “taking aim and firing a direct shot at Google search” (hmmm…)


Here’s how it works -

1. It works with phrases, not words. As in “places my family likes to eat” and “movies my friends like.” It’s very dependent on likes.

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True Media’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

This week’s post has us looking back on the past year of this blog. It’s been a labor of love for us, and we are proud of how far we’ve come. Our bloggers have come up with some really fun and interesting content. Here’s a list of our top posts. We appreciate you following this blog and for sharing it with others. We’ve enjoyed writing for it and hope you’ve had as much fun reading it.

1. Social Media Monitoring Tools & Tips – This series by our intern @katy_goodman explores the offerings available from many different tools out there for social monitoring  Social Media Monitoring Tools and Tips: Part 2

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Attribution in Digital Advertising: Insights from Nate Silver’s Political Calculus

Nate Silver and I are kindred spirits in a number of ways.  We both started playing poker professionally during the poker boom of 2003, when ESPN began broadcasting the World Series of Poker during primetime.   Silver is the man behind Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA projection system, which predicted that Dustin Pedroia would become an all-star, even when all of the scouts wrote him off because of his stature.  PECOTA correctly picked that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays would win the World Series in 2008. We are also both political horse race junkies, and Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog, which uses a linear regression model to predict the outcome of Presidential and Senate races, has been a daily visit of mine for years now.  His model correctly picked 49/50 states in the 2008 Presidential Election (and 35/35 Senate races), and got all 50 correct this past November (even Florida).

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Photo Syncing on Facebook? No Thank You.

This morning when I logged in to Facebook I saw an odd notification…

Notice there is no picture next to the notification. I was shocked to see that sometime over the weekend I had accidentally turned on Photo Sync, an odd new feature that Facebook has recently rolled out. Turns out when I updated my app over the weekend this was set as default to “on.”

Yikes! I logged on to see every picture I had recently taken on my phone waiting for me to “approve” to share. Thank goodness Facebook doesn’t just sync and share this out to the masses, as I have very personal pics of my kids goofing around that are private and only for me.

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The Social Debate

Our media director Chris Evans sent an email to the social department this week. The subject line said “let’s discuss.” The email contained a link to this article for us to debate at our next social recap meeting.

Dan Zarrella, a self-proclaimed “social media scientist” at HubSpot claims to have come up with a formula for calculating the value of a Facebook “like.”

Now, I’ve heard this debate over and over in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been working in social media. It comes up all the time, and each time someone has a new way to measure social media that just doesn’t quite fit. Here are some excerpts to the debate this article sparked from the marketers in my office.

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Memes and Tweets from Last Night’s Debate

Debates can sometimes be dry, there’s never enough time to get any real questions answered and everyone disagrees about who won or lost – like it was the actual election or something.

Enter social media, the new frontier of political satire which makes politics more entertaining and relatable. Here are some of our favorite tweets and memes from last night’s debate. Both sides seemed to get equally picked on, including the moderate. Our blog post doesn’t pick sides and we’re not endorsing anyone, but if you’re ready for a reprieve from the seriousness of the political season, check out Twitter or google “Big Bird Memes.”

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Martha Stewart Takes Her Brand Where it Belongs: Online Video

Believe it or not, Martha Stewart of all people has leapt ahead of the curve in online video.  Her Hallmark TV deal is over, and she’s chosen to focus her efforts on online video for the future of her brand.  Martha Stewart, like any brand out there, has to figure out a way to make her brand relevant to the next generation of consumers, and she’s got some pretty compelling reasons to switch her promotional strategy to online video from television.

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Why Does the Internet Think It’s So Special?

Especially social media, and especially when it comes to the law, and legal issues?

Sandy Davidson, University of Missouri

This post came across my inbox, and it’s truly apropos of the discussion we were having recently at a local PRSA event. The PRSA luncheon was called “Can I Post That? Keeping Up with the Fast-Moving Target of Social Media and the Law.” It was presented by Sandy Davidson, professor, MU School of Law and MU School of Journalism. She is a truly wonderful and entertaining educator who really knows her stuff when it comes to legal issues with traditional journalism.  The main point of her talk was that traditional copyright and legal limitations should apply to online interaction, including social media, and that just because the medium is new doesn’t mean the old laws don’t apply.

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My Experiences as an Intern at True Media

Our font is Tahoma. Our game is media. We have baked goods a-plenty. We are True Media.

Starting my internship for the summer, I was looking to acquire strong skills and some recommendations for when I moved to Chicago in the fall. As things progressed, plans changed and I have since been offered and accepted a full-time job offer with True Media.

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Dear Prankster, Come to Alaska with me. Sincerely, Pitbull

The results are in! Kodiak, Alaska will be hosting Miami based rapper, Pitbull in the near future. The remote store generated over 70,000 “Likes” in its recent Energy Sheets/My Local Wal-Mart contest.  (reference previous blog). Just as this contest took an unexpected turn, Pitbull has now reached out to the source of the contest hijacking, said to be Boston based writer, David Thorpe, to invite him along to the Kodiak show. This is definitely a smart move on Pitbull’s part. He should not go and do anything that would make the people of the Internet angry by not holding up his end of the bargain. I would say the score is tied… Internet: 1; Pitbull: 1. Will the prankster attend the show? I guess we’ll find out.

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