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Healthcare Marketing For Seniors Goes… Mobile!?

As part of a new series of original content, we welcome this post, written by Candice Rotter, Associate Media Director and our Healthcare Marketing expert.

We handle a large amount of healthcare marketing here at True Media. When working with healthcare providers, one of the most frequent questions I hear is: “My target is older; are they even online?”

The answer to this question is YES. And that’s an emphatic “yes,” because they’re not only online, they’re using digital media at rates that shatter our previous conceptions of the demographic.

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Tech Terms Infographic

Saw an interesting infographic today on outdated tech terms so we thought we’d share. Do you have any to add to this list? Tell us in the comments below.

For more interesting infographics follow us on Pinterest at

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Fun Friday Blog – Going Old School

Every once in a while I come in to work and someone has left a cut out of a particular funny comic from the paper on my chair. This week the social department was at iMedia Infocus Summit in Chicago, and when I got back not one, but 2 funnies were left on my chair. This person specifically picks out the ones that poke fun at my line of work…

Thanks to my co-worker Jim Hall for these. You can find him (and his ghost-tweeter) sharing words of wisdom @fauxjimhall.

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Shameless Plug for Our Hometowns – Best Cities All Around

Recently our hometowns have been receiving a lot of press for how awesome they are. Something we obviously already knew. And in what seems to be an endless string of accolades for the cities that True Media calls home, our VP of Client Development, DW Cole, brought yet another to our attention today.

Columbia, MO; Home to True Media Corporate and the University of Missouri, where we get many fine interns and new employees from one of the best journalism schools in the country

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Facebook’s New Ad Targeting

Adweek and many other top digital news sources are talking this week about Facebook’s new addition to its ad targeting capabilities. By adding third party audience segments from some of the top data providers in the industry, Facebook is giving marketers the opportunity to target ads based on what people do when they AREN’T spending hours on Facebook. Adding shopping and purchase habits to the unique targeting options already available to social media marketers on Facebook adds another dimension to getting the message in front of the right audience.

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Facebook Gifts for Your Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day, so naturally Facebook wanted to play Cupid. This morning I logged into my Facebook account and was presented with the option to present my husband with a last minute gift through Facebook.

The Facebook gifts program launched awhile back but this was the first time Facebook had asked me to use it.  As a business, you must fill out a merchant interest form in order to have a product listed. It also doesn’t seem as though the gifts program is connected to the social graph yet because, as you can see, Facebook is suggesting I give my husband Starbucks for Valentine’s Day. He detests coffee (I logged in later in the day, and Starbucks had changed to “chocolate caramels”; also not a favorite of my guy). Other items in his recommended category include chocolates and dipped Oreos, but other categories included more generic things like Netflix and iTunes gift cards.

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My Experience as an Intern – By Molly Yarosh

Because my mom and grandmother have been working in the ad world since the dinosaurs walked, I was exposed to the world of media and advertising pretty early on. Additionally, I worked at an ad agency here in Columbia during my sophomore year of college prior to coming to True Media; so again, I was not new to the agency world. However, I was a little nervous to come to True at first because if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a numbers person. When my mom was first explaining to me what a media agency was, she told me “it’s the numbers side of entertainment and creative advertising”. For someone who admittedly runs the other way when I hear the word math or numbers, that was a little daunting. However, after having the experience as an intern at True Media, I not only realized that my initial perception of the media world was wrong, but I actually learned that media, and yes even math and numbers, could be interesting, challenging and exciting.

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Memes and Tweets from Last Night’s Debate

Debates can sometimes be dry, there’s never enough time to get any real questions answered and everyone disagrees about who won or lost – like it was the actual election or something.

Enter social media, the new frontier of political satire which makes politics more entertaining and relatable. Here are some of our favorite tweets and memes from last night’s debate. Both sides seemed to get equally picked on, including the moderate. Our blog post doesn’t pick sides and we’re not endorsing anyone, but if you’re ready for a reprieve from the seriousness of the political season, check out Twitter or google “Big Bird Memes.”

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Martha Stewart Takes Her Brand Where it Belongs: Online Video

Believe it or not, Martha Stewart of all people has leapt ahead of the curve in online video.  Her Hallmark TV deal is over, and she’s chosen to focus her efforts on online video for the future of her brand.  Martha Stewart, like any brand out there, has to figure out a way to make her brand relevant to the next generation of consumers, and she’s got some pretty compelling reasons to switch her promotional strategy to online video from television.

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Why Does the Internet Think It’s So Special?

Especially social media, and especially when it comes to the law, and legal issues?

Sandy Davidson, University of Missouri

This post came across my inbox, and it’s truly apropos of the discussion we were having recently at a local PRSA event. The PRSA luncheon was called “Can I Post That? Keeping Up with the Fast-Moving Target of Social Media and the Law.” It was presented by Sandy Davidson, professor, MU School of Law and MU School of Journalism. She is a truly wonderful and entertaining educator who really knows her stuff when it comes to legal issues with traditional journalism.  The main point of her talk was that traditional copyright and legal limitations should apply to online interaction, including social media, and that just because the medium is new doesn’t mean the old laws don’t apply.

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